AeroElectric Connection
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Our parts and design services are offered to individuals who architecture systems and possess a pilot's attitude that no single component failure is more than a maintenance event. The majority of parts you buy from us will still be working the day your airplane is scrapped. Nonetheless . . .

. . . we guarantee that everything you purchase from us will eventually fail. If the anticipated use of your airplane requires any part to function failure free, please don't buy that part from us.

If you have purchased any product from the AeroElectric Connection which in your opinion was not a fair value, contact us via:

    . . . Contact Form . . .

    -or- Snail-mail to AeroElectric Connection,
    P.O. Box 130
    Medicine Lodge, KS 67105

    -or- Phone to 316-209-7528
. . . . and we'll arrange for a refund.

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