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CD - Matronics Email List Archives (For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/W7) $50 or greater
DETECTOR - Carbon Monoxide Detector $60 or greater
FUELTEST - Aircraft Fuel Testing Cup  $70 or greater
KNIFE - Flight Outfitters Pilot Survival Knife  $80 or greater
TOOLS - CruzTOOLS SPEEDKIT Aero Tool Kit  $85 or greater
COASTERS - Nickel Plated Airplane Coasters - Set of 4 $90 or greater
O2TEST - Oxi-Go Pulse Oximeter $100 or greater
DVDs - The Aviators TV: Seasons 1 through 6 Bumdle $115 or greater
NAV/COM - Yaesu FTA-550AA NAV/COM Av Transceiver $275 or greater

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