The Matronics FuelChec (tm)

The FuelChec (tm) DX and LT

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The FuelChec (tm) by Matronics is a complete fuel management system for aircraft. It provides the pilot with continuous information on a wide variety of fuel system data. The 'LT' or Lite is the basic model and provides Fuel Flow, Fuel Used, Fuel Remaining, Hours Remaining, and pilot adjustable Low Fuel and Switch Tank warnings. The 'DX' or Deluxe is a more advanced model and adds Fuel Pressure, Cost-per-Hour, a universally compatible Loran C/GPS serial interface to provide Economy information, and a number of additional warnings including Low and High Fuel Pressure, Low Time Remaining, and Insufficient Fuel to Destination. Both models fit a standard 2.25" instrument hole and are just over 3" deep. The FuelChec (tm) system comes complete with all necessary transducers, wiring harness kit, detailed Installation and User's Guide, and a handy Quick Reference Card.

DX and LT Photos

  • Click on DX or LT for a closeup photo and feature list for each model.

  • RealVideo - A Complete FuelChec (tm) Demo!

  • Click on RealVideo for a complete demo of the FuelChec's (tm) operation!

  • FuelChec (tm) Features

  • Real-time Functions
  • Available Quantity Units
  • Real-time Warnings
  • (All warnings include pilot adjustable set points, front panel acknowledgments, and can individually be disabled.)

  • Other Features
  • General Features
  • * Denotes features available on the DX model only.

    FuelChec (tm) Overview

  • High Quality
  • Unique Data Display
  • Built-in Support For All Common Quantity Units
  • Transducer Mounting
  • Complete FuelChec (tm) Package
  • The complete FuelChec (tm) package includes the FuelChec (tm) Unit, aircraft
    grade Fuel Flow Transducer, high quality Fuel Pressure Transducer (DX only), Wiring
    Harness Kit, a detailed Installation and User's Guide and a handy Quick Reference Guide.

  • FuelChec (tm) Pricing (February 2015)
  • Order Online Now - Save 5%!
    Order Online Now - Save 5%!

  • FuelChec (tm) Documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

  • FuelChec (tm) Brochure

  • Complete FuelChec (tm) DX Manual

  • Complete FuelChec (tm) LT Manual

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