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Matronics Product Line

  • FuelChec (tm) LT and DX
  • The FuelChec (tm) is an affordable, high quality digital fuel totalizer system for aircraft. The web page includes multimedia videos of all major functions and complete description of the unit.

  • FuelChec (tm) Return Flow Controller
  • The FuelChec (tm) Return Flow Controller (RFC) is used in fuel injected applications where fuel is returned directly back to the main tank. Compatible with any system utilizing Floscan 201 series transducers.

  • Fuel Flow Pulsation Damper
  • The Pulsation Damper smooths fuel pump pulses that can cause reading fluctuations common in turbine transducer-based electronic instrument installations.

  • Governor Mk III
  • The Governor Mk III is a speed reduction and switch multiplexer for the MAC Trim series of aircraft trim servos.

  • Windows SkyComm Version 1.0
  • SkyComm Version 1.0 by Matronics is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 application to manange flight data in the SkyForce / King SkyMap series of GPS moving maps. This is a very cool program - check it out!

    Aircraft Email Forums by Matronics

  • Matronics Aircraft Email Lists

    These Aircraft Email Lists are sponsored by Matronics and include the Van's RV series, Kolb Aircraft, Zenith Aircraft, and many many others. Complete web-based archive searching and browsing is available. Subscription is FREE!

    An Archive CDROM with the complete set of archives for all email Lists on the Matronics System is now available! Order your personal copy today and support the Lists with your Contribution!

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